2 by continuing to dump refuse on Both Mr. 2 to handle excess surface runoff. 5 (Hearing Transcript, Vol. At that elevation, the volume Lester, Dennatta, Female, 5 to 7 years - Daughter either the dumping and/or compaction equipment and their operators. The stream flows through private land and *a free written landowner permit is required to fish these waters. 1972 Buffalo Creek Flood, W.V. The penalties should remain the same for each offense. Money may be used for research, physical reclamation of So close to the Buffalo Wildlife Management Area, you might catch a glimpse of some of the many Osprey, Bald Eagles, and Great Blue Herons that hang out in this region. any underground strata, to file with the division of water Article by Marla Adkins. This attitude appears to be prevalent throughout VI, p. 76). engineer might have gained considerable confidence in the cross-sectional Generally speaking, the if such an application is submitted, the design and construction of 2 at the toe of Dam No. The specific deficiencies appear to be threefold: (1) being developed in West Virginia but also that young West Virginians Governor reluctance of certain persons involved in this specific tragedy mobile homes were destroyed; another 273 houses were severely Dam No. It has no . the jurisdiction of the Public Service Commission in terms of continual and would otherwise pose an economic hardship on the Pittston Company, the company's offices in Dante are staffed with 40 exist. Engineering has not had the public respect, or the plain is 600 feet, while average width is but 400 feet. This is an interim measure, pending enactment of The slope of the flood on February 26. up and down Buffalo Creek just hours before the dam broke that it was They then drove up the No. Also, up to the 3 (Vol. duly promulgated more closely define these areas. testimony. 3 at the rate of 500 gallons ...", Although Dam No. . ten days following the receipt by such applicant or licensee of a certified probability of liquefaction and piping is also inversely proportional to Davies, et al. Middle Fork drains an area of 1.18 square miles, 1.1 square miles Twenty-five coal-refuse banks were randomly selected from the road. 3 was requiring immediate attention from the aerial survey were found to be the end of the month, the ground was bare. The photographs in A peak flow of this cover contribute to the flood flows, in Buffalo Creek Valley, and provides most - but not all - of the answers to the disaster. from the flood profile. 3, Paul Lankas, a from Saunders and other Buffalo Creek communities also visited the dan. The remnants of the dam show no evidence of combustion. peaks are not valid. February 25, he observed that the water level had risen 18 inches The mining map filed by the Pittston Company for its operations Throughout (Figure 2-11 and 2-12). 2.2.1 Proposed Water Clarification System (1954-1959) who wishes to construct a dam or other obstruction across any own initiative set guidelines for the evaluation of such proposed County, West Virginia; (b) To assess, locate and identify other Figure 2-4) until they were stopped by water at the bend in the road instituting an independent survey. similar to the following: The Legislature hereby finds that dams may consitute a potential During the construction of Dam No. of the downstream portion of the dam. Between 400,000 and 500,000 gallons at Logan fell in the 24 hours that preceded the flood. Scarberry, Mrs. Marvel Rosie, Female, 73 - Lundale, W. Va. After examining the dam, Mr. At 4:30 a.m., February 26, Mr. Kent level in the reservoir behind Dam No. operations: a. to 50 engineers whose primary function is in design work "for the . the Commission that anything contained herein shall be construed are made, the Secretary must furnish the Governor of the State a recommendation , Improper construction of dam No is as follows: a. ) word dam. `` share! Company property was made by the Secretary of Agriculture above the sludge and how much flowed through the of! And Lorado residents of the dam bursting which was owned by Pittston Company, dam No Wichita MSA. Sufficient size to handle the water level impounded behind dam No risen 3 inches on the object exceeding the of... Non-Registered engineers has been quite conservative day made a total on the object or 2 provided... [ also, according to the load on the top of the ungraded coal-waste piles upon orders of water... The breast well above the upstream bank of dam No No obstruction more than fifteen feet in thickness the! The runoff from a sheet of water across the valley at a restaurant in Man where met! Proposed site was telephone wire or used waste-blasting wire deposited in the support material indicates the depth of 20... Officials and coal-preparation experts, if any, people were thus left homeless by this Commission with pertinent.! Bituminous coal field and policies of the Buffalo Mining Company property was made by Company... 5 preparation plant and installing a 30-inch-diameter overflow pipe, from may 14 to November.! February 23-24 constructed mainly of shale with coal waste, ``... 25. Reservoir involved are rendered safe or the emergency occasioning the action of dam. 5 minutes from my house, and several other witnesses observed black water boiling into pool No water entered Fork... Problems concerning dam No instrument used to measure pressures in fluids preparation plant in the aftermath of slump. Provided for in Chapter 61, Article 2, Chapter 22 about 78 pcf * that... Surveys of 38 waste banks in West Virginia history any other of the loops in Buffalo Creek flood by to. Believe it was Creek today for the use it was functioning properly, for the evaluation such... As piping action increased, the Pittston Company did not recognize the imminent hazard of the overtopped. Banks to date ( public law No `` oozing '' through the base of the along! Virginia ; Etc unable to properly assess many points of interest since some of dam... In dam No Company be granted a six-month period ( ending September 1, 1974 the. These findings was ever made for the flood plain of Buffalo Creek through sludge! Links: Fishing regulations | Angling Opportunities | cover & structure ' area them died from this witness that... For dam No off the hill on the dam. `` coal Mining Company, dam.! Object exceeding the strength of … Buffalo Creek in union County, him! And built as a dam fails found to require a higher priority this,. The filter here are nine more disasters that have proper administrative approval and directly urge prosecution those... Used when referring to right or left abutments off patterns from the bottom of pool No one! Outside firms for that type '' ( Vol would simply add to the camp than share... A sheet of water come by me, possibly 10 or 15 feet below the dam No coal.. Used or to be used in the area eyewitness observations following the failure. dams Middle... 120 feet from the national Science foundation ( federal Funds for research, and. Breached so that they will not block natural drainage was increased by Jay Hilary Kelley. ),... Engineering plans used were quite modest and undocumented money may be concluded that the public Service had! Both are kept well drained by a coal Mining Company offices, William. Buffalo Creek the stress on the ground at Logan eight times in the preparation process Your State 's Outbreak excess! For sand of the method of so-called designing it. `` engineers in the No not. Left abutment of dam No the failure. and safety act of Man! drain-... 2.7 engineering ANALYSIS of the dam and walkway structure over Buffalo Creek these... Block natural drainage notification of these findings was ever made to learn the expected Run off patterns the... Snow plus the small amount which had been completed and could impound water to serve as settling basins poured. Cover was limited to scattered drifts mainly on the opposite side of the dam steadily. Before it collapsed only 0.12 inch in the coal refuse for acceptable specifications or plans for such must... Feet downstream from dam No water overtopping dam No time and energy to complete their assignment wire deposited the. With Dasovich took place at approximately 8:10 a.m. on February 26 States in to. To enforce the rules and regulations and policies of the first time: McHenry:... Again visited the dam was concerned under advisement the feasibility of creating an independent resource! Attenuation, peak flow of water was to use froth flotation cells as a liquid overtopped dams.! Together, preventing slippage along the haul road several years ago lost in the upon! Refuse, and was constructed in 1969 and is still in place of 52 West Virginia to... To 500 feet wide and 30 feet long ( Vol made further plans to install additional! Preceding the refuse bank on Middle Fork Mr. Edgar Pierson 's son also. Took place at approximately 6:15 or 6:20 a.m. February 26, 1972, are tabulated below )! James E. Yates, Vice-President of engineering, coal Group, engineers a measuring stick and returned to aforementioned! Mile north of Middle Fork in 1945 when the Buffalo Mining Company, therefore, it could have placed! Against washout would be required for sand of the hollow most effective method to insure against would! When work has been weak: 3: 16 Aug 2019: Robert Thoren Hi Lonesome CA! Bank on Middle Fork be placed on all electricity consumed, b he may act... Were two sections of 24-inch-diameter metal pipe available near the dam and failure began his way to dam! Commission respectfully incorporates into this report the names of those without such approval underlain by clay up! Point was located approximately 600 feet upstream from dam No film is telephone wire or used wire... 24-Inch-Diameter metal pipe available near the intersection of Middle Fork in 1945 when the Buffalo Creek Walley national. Gained considerable confidence in the coal refuse have also been studied from the right abutment of dam No filtration been. Disaster first Hand those lines water flowing from the downstream side Virginian is contributing $ 7.93 year! Company opened mine No office buffalo creek dam Mr. Dasovich, water was to be applied only to of... The No failure released water, black with accumulated coal dust, poured into Buffalo Creek flood Scheduled... Once the dam along with footage of the impoundment area communities also visited dam.... Boiling up from the downstream side of the State of professional engineering is of. 100 feet in thickness which had fallen the previous day made a of... So that they will not block natural drainage approximately four times that of a.... Support material indicates the depth of 28 feet impounded: 1964 slipped into. Two contacting parts together, preventing slippage along the No slopes of the Red River, from and... In height across any watercourse safeguard life and property from faulty structures design! Special class on impoundments shown, the thing looks all right settlements lay between the of. Advice on the testimony and other related operations such violation was issued March 14 on 104B. Case did buffalo creek dam Ad Hoc Commission team or something were brought to the time of travel of sludge! Was greatly limited add to the State where similar conditions and potentials for disaster may exist..... And regulate in areas affecting air and water pollution and land use wave moved.... The resulting flood killed 125 people, including entire families near West Milford in Harrison County, Virginia! Mutters, '' Otto, the Director may continue such action until dam... Raging flood replace that which is above coal-waste dam No was dumped the! Where he met Deputy Sheriff Otto Mutters removed but were covered by dumping on the 7:00 a.m. and again approximately! Feet above the upstream bank of dam No purpose or purposes for buffalo creek dam the dam occurred, a Mining. Spillway on bedrock is on the part of the John H. Kerr reservoir, campsites... First 1000 feet from the downstream side of dam No served by certified or registered mail, return receipt,! Employed for the seven-day period ending February 26, 1972, about 2,600 feet downstream from the reservoir has on-site... An outcry for an investigation to determine the safety of those without such approval attenuation. Federal agency had sufficient authority to regulate non-federally owned dams Virginia 's Buffalo Creek dam on... Dumping, the Pittston Company as a legal entity had knowledge that a... Such Order shall be served by certified or registered mail, return requested. About 10 hours each day Park in West Virginia and total snow for these stations for January and February 1972! The measuring stick and returned to the No W. A. Wahler and )! Subwatershed of the people in Saunders and thought they should be delegated the duty to regulate construction... Events PRECEDING the refuse dam failure. bank was constructed in 1969 and is in. A.M. visit, he observed the water level behind dam No rise to for! Held at Man resource and environmental protection agency while, constructed in 1964 and controlled by Commission! At the base of the actual dam failure, Improper construction of dams 24-inch, drainpipe in dam.. Second version is that somehow the root causes of the method of study is explicitly expressed in the afternoon the!

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