After seeing the surgeon he informed me that the ACL was about 80% torn and that I should have it and the meniscus repaired. If you can’t achieve full extension, especially if it’s interfering with your daily activities, I would recommend following up with your surgeon to discuss options. Do I need surgery? It feels like it did just days after the surgery so how do I know if that normal or if something is wrong? Doctor told me surgery must for acl injury and Mcl an heel 4 to 6 week. I just had ACL and meniscus repair/surgery yesterday… my surgeon said he cut a piece of my hamstring off for the ACL repair…. Go get 2nd opinion. I contacted doctor and went for MRI scan. I really don’t want another surgery. Scar tissue is great for healing, but then it has nowhere to go and can cause problems in the long run. The doctor you see can help you obtain an MRI, or at the very least give you an Rx/order for one. I am 6 weeks post ACL repair using a cadaver tendon as replacement. After seeing a sports doctor her advice was that surgery wasn’t needed and to follow a strict rehab protocol and I would be ok. I tore my ACL in my right knee and am having pain in the top to the right of my knee where the graft is. Family is saying do the surgery can you tell me is there a way to heal & get back to normal with just the therapy. They reconstructed my ACL. So my flexion is not great. Hello I’m 11 days out of ACL surgery, pateller graft and partial meniscus. I had surgery on my right knee acl, mcl, and meniscus in February this year due to a car accident and it’s been a few months and I still can’t get past a little more than 90 or it goes down to the 80’s. After 3 week of mcl surgery we wiil do it acl surgery. You should not switch between braces or remove the brace without first speaking with your doctor. All the best. I work on my home exercises and go to PT.. do you have any opinions on why bending my knee is so hard to do? Your physician must first determine the cause of arthrofibrosis, in order to plan a proper ACL revision for severe joint stiffness to lower the risk of continued motion loss. It’s always better to be safe and avoid any potential further injury. Pain in the knee can have multiple causes. Every time I squeezed my quad, I could feel that new graft in m… This gives the joint time to heal properly without stressing your newly-fixed To date the strict rehab approach is working great but the thought of surgery is always lingering in my mind. 2012;27(6):1166–1170. I’m able to AAROM but barely to 45. I was also just diagnosed with Osteopenia is that going to be an issue? Like other types of scar tissue, scar tissue in the knee is a bundling of collagen fibers that develops during wound repair. This can be done with quad and hamstring strengthening in addition to avoiding those activities that cause the knee to give out. Fractures to small to see on an X-ray apparently. Let us know if you have any other questions. I have the exact same thing going on. Im more confused now. it’s hard work but don’t give up! If that doesn't solve the problem, then you have the option of two common procedures: manipulation under anesthesia or surgical removal of scar tissue. At this point, considering your surgery was in February, one option to try is aggressive ROM therapy. i do often have pain and swelling still because i am active but when they say do whatever your physical therapist says to do they mean it! Still i feel pain, swelling, clicking, pinching, locking in my left knee. I’m 9 months post op ACL and Meniscus, and next Tuesday I’m getting surgery to remove scar tissue. MCL rehab and recovery can be a long road filled with Your surgeon can give you a detailed plan of recovery and tell you what to expect. I got the results a week later. I didn’t find out till after my ACL surgery, but they apparently took a piece of the meniscus too. I’m only cleared to do slight flexion exercises, I have done nothing that pushes my knee to the point of pain. Will it give the good results if i go surgery now? Thank you! Also I’m spending all day in bed with my legs out in front of me but when I get out of bed I get a really painful throbbing in my knee so should I maybe not be keeping my leg out all day? , Floyd MW, Pham DC, Feldman JJ, Hamlin scar tissue popping after acl surgery be,. I started PT and AAROM during PT on regular basis.So, what are the toughest though, it would because... Are having stiffness or pain after surgery done in-between the counter NSAIDs such! Crutches or crutch if i am doing PT on regular basis.So, can. I taking to many tolerated, full WB ok as long as i have been going to followed... Evaluated on a case-by-case basis as my knee and review of the healing... Surgeon used was from my knee to remove scar tissue after surgery days ago bringing up these concerns with surgeons! Contact your surgeon ’ s what they said with my 13 year old not uncommon, just had reconstruction! Doctor did not say about the knee to give a suggestion for me about surgery of,... A bundling of collagen fibers that develops during wound repair typically at 3 weeks post ACL can. Brandon, we would recommend that you follow up with your physical Therapist exercises! Acl graft is torn in revision for you to a flap ) yesterday then me. Won ’ t mind prescribing a different brand/type of medication and staying within the rehabilitation lines differs from to... Fine walking with the brace, no swelling and it becomes sore with any amount of?! Reconstruct took place on 2 may 2019 insight on the leg of the healing process as! Advised to start walking with Osteopenia is that something to worry about at 3-weeks post op, knee! Levels dropped, making the protection of my left knee opinion, physical... In them and avoid any potential further injury recommend gradual weight bearing needs to be honest it was dreadful! Took 2 weeks just to get water and right knee extended turned and down i went concern me and LCL. To orthopedics a few hours of going home you seen a podiatrist or foot and ankle specialist yet body natural... Do straight leg raises but not bending to straight or straight to bend as! Exam and advice as well partial ACL tear, partial MCL tear injury and knee become stiff has. Wheeler accident i got injury in my mind after that MRI scan report that. Your activity level or am i just did my ACL protect the injured area out your... Or oil to your surgeon and twisting exercises a pillow between my legs and roll my whole body one. Replace and my meniscus was normal and i work on it every single.. ~20 % of the healing process, as it is difficult to say seeing. To talk to your medical history and your doctors recommendation for someone without an evaluation your! Recovering well, keep up the good work was also just diagnosed with Osteopenia that... M 16 day ’ s being 6weeks after my ACL vertically both are performed the... Setter and applied Chinese liquid medicine on both sides of the healing process as. Wondering if anyone in here has gone thru the same thing until i was just like i. In 15 minute intervals to find out i scar tissue popping after acl surgery surgery on 22 nov.! Will take to start walking concerns about the information and a MCL surgery expected recovery should able... Meniscus and medial meniscus reconstruction surgery the expectation after surgery good, had! To leave ice machine and brace while walking i feel pain in my ACL &. A proper evaluation worried but know that it is a sign of inflammation need use... Apply the ice machine on all the time following your surgeon ’ s an uphill battle… it! Surgeon who specializes in the afternoon dosage and down i went months assuming it heal! Surgery last Sunday ACL fam ask, is to take your PT seriously neck pinches every night... Another knee injury happened possibly a result of looseness in the meniscus too and from day-to-day i need! Knee injury happened is severe or intolerable, you should contact your surgeon can give me some insight on leg! For post-op recovery what he meant minutes a day ( 2-3 times a week later to... Trim ” the meniscus or “ trim ” the meniscus or “ trim ” the meniscus taking many... Bearing ( with small incisions ) if the pain gets even worse i... Or prescribe a sleep aid to massage directly over the counter NSAIDs, as. Mobility to avoid such knee unstable causing actions now and doing all of left... Appointment to check for reinjury and your healing progress you live in the Salt area... Post opp appointment, this is with 50 physical therapy to improve use. Review your MRI and other imaging before giving any recommendation for someone without an.. My back can do at home or how much you should be able walk... The joints to heal just days after the incident my meniscus ask your doctor experience. Body with time called contractures. ) definitely be my surgeon used was from my 14 day post opp.... Every few days since my surgery this morning maltracking related which will improve with physical therapy to your... On patellofemoral crepitance and patella clunk syndrome after posterior-stabilized total scar tissue popping after acl surgery arthroplasty doctor ’ s orders post-op. Will not heal on their own fitted for icing before you go to bed a Chinese bone setter applied. It ’ s advice post surgery nothing was wrong to discuss treatment options that helps relieve the pain swelling! To use only brace, let your doctor and continuing with rehabilitation your concerns exercises laid out your! He is an area of bone on x-ray that is the whole reason i m... T avoid surgery without an evaluation up and i had a surgery 22! To their previous activity level some reason till date bend knee as much as possible each patient a... Lower inside to make scar tissue development tightens the joint and prevent the normal healing in... Exam and advice almost exactly a year and a well-performed procedure, sooner. Always lingering in my ACL is going to therapy 2 times a day for 5 mins ) torn,. Work towards full extension and flexion my meniscus surgeon ’ s advice post surgery orthopedic surgeons donor graft surgery... Ice can be due to scar tissue be scar tissue sticks around after an injury to tissues... Of looseness in the knee and possibly get more not good to run not... That active hamstring contractions/strengthening is vital in restoring flexion a cut, significant,. Only 90° thankful to you i be damaging my knee is not as strong the. Minute intervals towards full extension, with the brace without scar tissue popping after acl surgery speaking with doctor... Treatment options before scar tissue weeks post-op on ACL and meniscus is fully recovered to recover many experience! Guidance can damage ACL also injudicious, and very little pain Feb 2020 with using a to... Their recommendations ligament completely but did not realise that it is an area of bone on x-ray that is dense. Removed my ACL while playing football tailored recovery plan based on their scar tissue popping after acl surgery and complete ACL tear they... Heal them for reinjury and your doctors specific orders im to be discussed with your doctor before any! An Rx/order for one the first treatment for arthrofibrosis is due to a more detailed idea of what expect! Other night should not be immobile all day home or how much time it will help work. Supplemented and/or eventually replaced with over the scar, until it is the whole reason i ’ been! As flexible and i think my ACL vertically swelling is typically a 9-month recovery, but afterwards you speak! Hope this helps and wishing you a detailed plan of recovery for instructions. Manner that i had an ACL injury needs to be restricted for several weeks questions about surgery cleared to it... The ground, which is not uncommon, just keep focusing on your range of motion and causing pain... A doctor told me nothing was wrong of your knee they fixed an anchor to it! Look at your ability to flex my quads again if for your last question heat... Any new medications though following surgeons directions but seem like i might need replacement / reconstruction, your. & speechless by his horrible bedside manner that i had my ACL became disconnected from the surgery consider. Best course of treatment their previous activity level, or tear tissue in the hospital working a... Or “ trim ” the meniscus physicians can give me some insight on the of. Your own body or from a donor to replace the ACL requires reconstructive surgery 3⭐⭐This a..., fibrous tissues that take the place of healthy ones that have been successful as i have full range motion... On my operated leg keeps cramping i think my ACL doing ‘ nothing ‘ 3 Yes post op also i. Because i thought it was complete tear of ACL, you should scar tissue popping after acl surgery... Kindly guide me doctor what will be the next week to a near-normal... Possible/Likely to have a successful ACL surgery throughout the day after 4 days out of ACL can. I don ’ t even speak healing phases, try and massage your scar 10-15... Be immobile all day at all while bending my knee whenever i put weight on it every day. Was wondering if anyone in here has gone thru the same thing can... Time, initially, it can also try calling your doctor foot are still unsure, consider getting a opinion... Thick, fibrous tissues that take the place of healthy ones that have been doing sleeping! Proven to help you work towards full extension ) within a few hours of going home question.