Final Harvest

A final harvest is done at a time to best suit the financial needs of the land owner. This may be to clear an unproductive stand and start it over, to harvest mature trees or anything in between. In a final harvest all the trees are cut. Remaining limby debris are scatted to leave the land ready for replanting.

Tree Thinning

A tree thinning is done when there are so many trees in a stand of timber that there is too much competition for the available nutrients and sunlight for maximum tree growth. At this time, we will thin the stand by first cutting rows thru the stand then taking out the small, weak and diseased trees to leave the healthier and bigger trees room to grow. A tract is often thinned two or more times before a final harvest.
Additional thinning services:

  • residential tree thinning
  • wildlife tree thinning
  • shelter wood cut

We work closely with landowners or forest management companies to ensure landowner satisfaction.
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